LV-100R Variable Vacuum Reference Leak

HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LV-100R

Variable Vacuum Reference Leak High Precision Calibrations + Testing.

The LV-100R Variable Vacuum Reference Leak is suitable for calibrations and experiments requiring a range of flow rates to be delivered into a vacuum system. This would normally be recommended for flow rates of below 5x10-6mbl/s depending on the gas.
The reference leak has a 100cc reservoir to give a long contents life with a recharge facility available. The product is supplied with a graph of reservoir pressures to allow adjustment of the reservoir pressure to deliver a range of flow rates.

Stainless Steel Reservoir - In which is contained the calibration gas, typically Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen or a special calibration mixtures at a maximum of 10 Bar.

Vacuum Sintered Leak - The Leak element is constructed from a micron size stainless steel powder which is processed in a vacuum environment during production to give a porous element restricting the gas flow to the required rate. The shutoff valve allows the leak to be isolated from the vacuum system and opened as required to calibrate or test the sensitivity of the instruments within the vacuum.