LV-100Q - Standard Reference Leak Quartz Glass Permeation For Helium MSLD Calibration

HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - 100Q

Traditional reference leak format for the vacuum industry.

Quartz Glass permeation reference leaks are specified in many leak detection standards and procedures. Quartz Glass Permeation Leak Standards.

    1) St/St Construction for long service life.
    Quartz glass reference leaks are very fragile and can be susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly. If damaged the reference leaks are costly to replace and difficult to repair. Stainless Steel components are used to provide maximum protection but careful handling is critical at all times.
    2) High Precision Bellows Sealed ‘Nupro’ Shut-Off Valve.
    A high integrity bellows sealed shut-off valve is included for maximum accuracy. A range of actuators is available including: Manual Rotary, Manual Toggle, Pneumatic and Electronic.
    3) Temperature Correction For Calibrations.
    Calibration temperature is critical, an increase in temperature would cause an increase in the output flow rate of a quartz glass reference leak. It is important to account for this variation during the calibration procedure. A typical quartz Glass Reference Leak would be expected to vary by approximately 2.9% per ºC. A reference leak’s calibration temperature will be displayed on the corresponding calibration certificate.