Leak Detection

HT Products offer a wide range of services and products for the leak detection industry, from Helium leak detector systems, leak detection components to full UHV systems.

We have supplied systems to many industries including Automotive, Aeronautical, Clean Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Battery manufacturers. Having over 40 years of experience within the leak detection sector we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers ensuring a smooth delivery and setup of all systems we sell and manufacture.

Leak Detectors
HT Products - Helium Leak Detector

Helium Mass Spectrometers

HTP can offer a range of Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors (MSLDs) for sale. As an independent company HTP is well placed to offer the best leak detector for any application and give impartial advice to ensure a successful leak test solution is provided and maintained.

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HT Products - Gas Specific Leak Detectors

Gas Specific Leak Detectors

As well as helium mass spectrometer leak detectors there are a wide range of leak detectors available using different technologies to recognise and respond to specific gases

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HT Products -  Portable leak Detectors

Portable & Handheld Detectors

HT Products offer a range of innovative hand held leak detectors to suit any application. Our range of high sensitivity detectors are ideal for Helium trace gas and refrigerant sniffing.

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HT Products - Pressure or Vacuum Decay

Pressure or Vacuum Decays

HT Products can supply equipment and accessories for testing assemblies by pressure or vacuum decay.

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HT Products - Leak Detection Accessories


A range of Accessories are available from HT Products Such as:

- Spray Probes
- Leak Test Jigs
- Valves and Fittings

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Leak Detection systems
HT Products - Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems

HT Products can provide a full design, manufacture and commissioning services for specialist leak detection systems covering a wide range of industrial leak detection procedures.

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HT Products - Consultancy and Design

Consultancy & Design

A consultancy and design service is available to assist with system design, process development and solving leak detection challenges.

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Services & Information
HT Products - Leak Detector Calibration

Detector Calibration

HT Products can provide a range of calibration services for leak detectors of all kinds

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HT Products - Leak Testing

Leak Testing

HT Products can provide a range of leak testing services for different industrial products

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HT Products - Leak Detector Hire

Leak Detector Hire

HT Products Ltd. can provide a range of leak detection equipment and accessories available for hire

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HT Products - Leak Detector Training


HT Products can provide a range of training services for wide ranging industrial application covering the principles of helium leak detection and vacuum technology and their application in specific industrial test processes

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HT Products - Leak Detector Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

HT Products can offer repair, service and maintenance options for leak detectors of all kinds and any related test equipment in house at HTP or on location at your site.

Preventative maintenance packages are available to protect the investment made in new equipment and ensure maximum service life from equipment.

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