HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-X HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-X

Laboratory precision, comprehensive traceability, full solution for detailed flow measurement.

The LS-X is a comprehensive adjustable leak unit suitable for use in calibration laboratories and standards rooms where a wide range of accurate flow rates are required. The front panel includes a port where the leak element is housed to allow a detector probe to be directly attached to the leak body, minimising any interference or inaccuracy. The leak element has a 1/8” BSP thread which can be used to attach a hood or fitting (please enquire) to set the distance of a detector’s probe from the leak source and increase the repeatability of measurements .

The unit includes a rechargeable, stainless steel reservoir of 100cc capacity for a selected gas and high integrity regulator for fine adjustments to pressure and accurate control, over the output flow rate

Along with a Certificate of Calibration across a full range of flow rates (typically 1-15 grams per year for refrigerant gases) the LS-X is supplied with a Graph specific to the gas and calibration. The graph provides details of the relationship between the gauge pressure and the output flow rate for a specified gas