LS-100 - All-In-One Calibrated Reference Leak

HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-100 HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-100

Increased accuracy, stability and certification for traceable accuracy tests.

The LS-100 offers engineers a fully portable reference leak solution with it’s own rechargeable gas reservoir.
As with the LS-R the output is regulated to a fixed pressure to minimise the effects of environmental conditions such as temperature on the output flow.

The LS-100 is a certificated product and the traceability to national standards can be referenced in F-Gas records kept by contractors conducting leak detection work or system owners keeping service records.

The LS-R is housed in a stainless steel case with a removable leak element allowing for gases and flow rates to be matched to the jobs or swapped during operation. HT Products’ reference leaks are also available in expanded formats with gauges, reservoirs, shut-off valves and variabl regulators