LV-100 - Calibrated Reference Leak for Helium MSLD Calibration

HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LV-100

High precision calibrations, HTP patented technology for longer service life and increased durability.

Included in the range of Calibrated Reference Leaks applicable to high vacuum systems is the ‘LV-100’ Reference Leak for calibration of helium mass spectrometer systems and leak detection equipment. Vacuum Sintered Leak Technology Traditional calibrated leaks for helium MSLD systems use a quartz glass element sealed inside the gas reservoir. The Helium permeates through the quartz glass in to the vacuum at a consistent rate. HTP replaces the traditional quartz element with anelement using it’s patented ‘vacuum sinter’ reference leak element. This changedelivers numerous advantages:

    1) Increased Durability and Service Life. Quartz glass reference leaks are notoriously prone to damage through rough handlingand are very costly to replace or repair.
    2) Improved Temperature Performance. Calibration temperature is critical, calculations are generally made to compensate forthe effect of temperature on the output flow rate of a quartz glass reference leak, this effect is minimal with a sinter type reference leak. The element alone varies by lessthan 0.1% per ºC.
    3) Lower Maintenance / Modification Costs. Due to the flexibility of the sinter technology maintenance or modification to an existing reference leak is much more practical. The value can be fine tuned or adjusted to specification and HTP has often retro-fitted vacuum sintered leak elements in place ofother reference leak technologies.