HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-RC HT Products - Calibrated Reference Leak - LS-RC

Increased accuracy, stability and certification for traceable accuracy tests.

Expanding on the straight forward LS-4, the LS-R offers engineers working on-site the facility to check the sensitivity of their leak detector during a leak detection job. It can also prevent environmental conditions, such as temperature, affecting the output flowrate of the unit.

The format of the LS-R also allows for a greater level of accuracy to be achieved when defining and constructing the leak element and as such leak rates below 5g/Yr for any refrigerant are possible, HT Products can also provide an optional certificate of calibration for the product which can be referenced in the F-Gas records kept by companies in accordance with current legislation.

For gases and flow rates to be matched to the jobs or swapped during operation. HTProducts’ reference leaks are also available in expanded formats with gauges, reservoirs, shut-off valves and variable regulators.