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Technical Information

Vacuum Services

HT Products Ltd. years of manufacturing experience have allowed the development of many specialist manufacturing facilities in house facilities to manufacture its own products. HTP can also offer these facilities on sub-contract basis for specialist vacuum products and other industrial applications.

    Pumping equipment, analysis testing and processing
    Machining, welding fabrication and cleaning for vacuum or UHV duty
    Gas handling processing and finishing e.g. final gas purge or shipping with backfill.

Whatever your requirement from 1 offs or small batch components to high quantity manufacturing or specialist projects and process development HTP can assist and advise with experienced engineers on hand to deliver first class solutions for industry.

Vacuum Welding

HT Products has a range of specialist welding facilities for all kinds of industrial welding including:

Precision TIG Welding (fusion & filler welding, turn table welding, very thin materials) MIG Welding and Fabrication (framework, sheet metal etc.) Welding of Unusual Metals (aluminium, gas environments, dissimilar metals etc.) Brazing, Soldering and Vacuum Brazing

HTP has numerous facilities for testing and verifying any welded joints to a wide range of industrial standards, please enquire for further details or a technical consultation.

Helium Leak Testing

HT Products Ltd. can offer a helium leak testing service for all kinds of industrial equipment and components.

    - Batch and serial number recording.
    - Reporting and certification with traceability to national standard.
    - Leak rate analysis – send us a part and we’ll tell you how much it leaks, including comparison tests with certificated reference leak standards as required.
    - Develop test specifications and operating procedures for ongoing production.
    - Service available at HTP works or on-site.
    - Various Leak Test Techniques:
      - Vacuum Mode Testing
      - Sniffer Mode Testing
      - Bombing

Machining & Manufacturing

From small batch work 1 offs and specials to large batches of complex components HTP can offer its internal machining and manufacturing facilities on a sub-contract basis.

    - ERP, quality control and batch material certification and traceability.
    - Various stock options (monthly call off, consignment stock, KANBAN etc.)
    - 3D CAD Modelling, Design Study and Production Drawing

HTP has a well-equipped CNC workshop with facilities for specialist manufacturing for the vacuum industry including welding, fabrication of vacuum plant and pipework, testing, processing and finishing.

Vacuum System Modification & Upgrade

If you have existing vacuum equipment or hardware HTP can offer a range of upgrade options including…

    - Reconditioning, cleaning, repair and testing of existing vacuum hardware.
    - Upgrades and modernisation of existing vacuum equipment and systems.
    - Repurposing of vacuum resources for new applications.

3D CAD Design & Simulation

HTP can offer on-site consultations for special vacuum products, components or systems fine tuned to an end-user’s requirement with full CAD drawings and models available as required.

    - Special Vacuum Components (Bellows, Hoses, Manifolds, Pipework)
    - Vacuum Chamber Design and Analysis

As well as vacuum industry components and products HTP has worked extensively in a range of industries to create prototypes for products to be developed including full design study and preparation of resources and materials for ongoing production and testing.

As well as a wide range of vacuum and scientific industry projects HTP has been involved in general industrial projects such as:

    - High Voltage Industry component manufacturing and oil filtration.
    - Ventilation and Filtration Products
    - Hot water boilers
    - Brewery / Food Industry Systems, Hoses and Vessels


HT Products Ltd. can provide a comprehensive UHV cleaning service for the preparation of vacuum components and plant for UHV duty.

HTP can handle UHV preparation of all standard vacuum components and many special items such as large vacuum chambers and oversize flexible hoses.

HTP’s facilities include :

    - 1 m3 Heated Chemical Tank with Central Pumping System
    - 2 m3 Heated Chemical Tank with Central Pumping System
    - 1 tonne Lifting Crane
    - DI Water Plant
    - Range of Drying Ovens and Hot Air Blowers

HTP also offers a range of other industrial cleaning services including bead blasting, degreasing, oxygen cleaning, acid cleaning, passivation, annealing, UHV Furnacing. Please enquire to discuss your full requirements.